Third NoCanTher Meeting in Vitoria

On the 3rd-4th of May the consortium met for the third meeting of the NoCanTher Project consortium, the meeting was hosted by Biopraxis in Vitoria, Spain at the Alava Technology Park (Parque Tecnológico De Álava).

The meeting gave everyone a chance to meet up face-to-face and talk about the project’s progress over the past 6 months. All members of the consortium were represented and the first day started with a tour of the sterile production facilities of Biopraxis. This was one of the highlights of the meeting as it gave us all a chance to see where the medical device will finally be produced, providing a huge boost for everyone.

The day continued with Prof Álvaro Somoza (IMDEA Nanociencia) updating the team on the project and key events of the past months. The WP leaders then summarised the progress of each individual work package, and a healthy open discussion was carried out about the challenges over the next 6 months. We then had a chance to enjoy the hospitality of the Basque country with a dinner organised by Biopraxis where we had the chance to taste some local dishes –I’m sure everyone would agree that whoever hosts the next event has a lot to live up to!

As always the second day focused on the next 6 months and each work package summarised their plans for the next few months. We set some targets and deadlines which I’m sure will set the project well moving in to the next stages. The venue for the next meeting is yet to be confirmed but we have a few options which will be discussed in the coming weeks. The one thing for sure is we will have a lot to talk about regarding the progress of this exciting project.

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NoCanTher Meeting in Paris

The second meeting of the NoCanTher Project was held at Université Paris Diderot on 24-25th November, kindly hosted by Florence and the UPD team. Representatives from all partners were present and the meeting was a chance to report on all the exciting progress that has been made on the project so far.

On the first day Prof Álvaro Somoza (IMDEA Nanociencia) gave an update of the global progress and then the work package leaders summarised the tasks to date. After a long day we had the chance to relax with a dinner kindly provided by Florence and UPD. The second day focused on the concrete plans for the next 6 months and culminated in the creation of the NoCanTher timeline during a lively discussion led by Simó (VHIR).

It was great to get together with all those involved and see the progress on the project so far, which hopefully we will be able to start revealing on the website soon. The next meeting will be held in Vitoria, Spain in May hosted by Biopraxis, see you all there!

Paris Meeting


European Project Focused on the Development of Nanomedicines against Pancreatic Cancer

The Kick-off meeting of the European Project NoCanTher was held at IMDEA Nanociencia (Madrid) on 10-11th May. During this meeting 35 researchers from the different organizations involved discussed the key issues to be addressed during the first year and the administrative procedures to ensure the success of this innovative project.

The project, financed with more than € 7 million, aims to scale-up a nanoformulation previously developed at IMDEA Nanoscience, for its use in clinical study for treatment of pancreatic cancer.

NoCanTher will be financed 100% by the EU (H2020 Grant No. 685795) and continues the efforts of a previous project (MULTIFUN FP7 Grant No. 262943) also scientifically coordinated at IMDEA Nanociencia. This time, it integrates a consortium of research centres, hospitals and enterprises from Spain, France, Germany, UK and Ireland. The consortium is made up of five Spanish partners: Spanish National Cancer Research Centre – CNIO, Vall d’Hebron Research Institute, Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology, Biopraxis, and IMDEA Nanoscience. The other European partners are Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), Jena University Hospital (Germany), Paris Diderot University (France) and the enterprises RCL (UK), Immupharma (UK) and Chemicell (Germany).

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