NoCanTher at Fira de Recerca en Direct 2017


More than 600 high school students have already had the chance to learn about our work with nanoparticles, our partners from Vall d'Hebron have been taking part in "Fira de Recerca Direct 2017" (Live Research Fair 2017). The fair is open to the general public (last day tomorrow 6th May), anyone can reach them at CosmoCaixa (Science Museum in Barcelona, C/Isaac Newton 26). 

This event, organized by the Scientific Culture Unit of the Barcelona Science Park with "la Caixa" Foundation, aims to show the current research projects in Catalonia in different fields of research, bringing it to the public and promoting scientific vocation of young students.

Nano World Cancer Day 2017


NoCanTher had a strong presence at the NanoWorld Cancer Day (2nd February 2017), 15 countries united in providing information about smart nanotechnology solutions to beat cancer. We were highly visible across the day by the key participations of IMDEA Nanociencia, BIOPRAXIS, VHIR and TCD.

The Spanish event was hosted by one of the NoCanTher partners -Vall D’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), and featured three speakers from the NoCanTher consortium. Álvaro Somoza from IMDEA Nanociencia talked about using nanomedicines against cancer encompassing basic research and clinical applications. Ángel del Pozo from Biopraxis then gave a different perspective talking about nano-enabled therapy from an industrial point of view. Finally Teresa Macarulla from VHIO finished the session by giving us the clinical perspective of nanotechnology. A panel discussion provided the opportunity to ask the experts questions about nanomedicines role in the fight against cancer.  The event was well attended both by the national press and members of the public, giving the NoCanTher project an excellent opportunity to reach a large and varied audience.